December 15, 2011

Angry Birds

I've been working with the student ministry at my church for a long time now. This fall I thought it would be fun for the high school group to find a way to play live-action Angry Birds. This is the video...

We have a nice archive of videos from past events. If you're involved with student ministry you might be able to get some ideas.


  1. Nate what kind of ball did you paste the face to?

  2. These were simple rubber balls from Meijers. My awesome intern Kelly Cornelisse painted the faces on them.

    The balls looked great, but they didn't have enough mass. We didn't have nearly as many good crashes as I was hoping for. In fact, the one in the video was the only decent one. If you're going to try this as a game, make sure to plan ahead to make the structures EXTREMELY unstable (probably more unstable than you would assume they need to be.) Also test some designs ahead of time.


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