April 21, 2011

The Epic Finale!

A few years ago we started making superhero videos for the kids in our church for several VBS programs we wrote.  They were a lot of fun and there is actually some good theology embedded in them.  (The message comes through the best when you see them all together.)  The kids really like these videos and we have given away hundreds of DVDs. My own kids are demanding that I make more of these and Eric is very concerned about what is going to happen to the Princess.

We actually have a lot of fun making these, even though it is a lot of work.  I write them and do the editing and effects as well.  It's fun seeing what we can pull off on our own.  

This is the 10th and final part of the last series that we did.  (There were five episodes, split in half for YouTube.)  You can see the whole thing from the start at http://www.youtube.com/PowermanMosquitoboy.  You can also be a fan of Powerman & Mosquitoboy on facebook.

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    Does that...tick you off?

    Oh and the whole thing about God's word being alive and active was good too!


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