November 30, 2011

11 Reasons Why I Liked the 180 Movie

Here are eleven of the reasons I liked the 180 Movie:

1. Ray Comfort had the guts to make a movie about something that isn't the sexiest social justice issue at the moment. Christians who spend their time worrying that their left-leaning friends might consider them unsophisticated knuckle-draggers probably won't give it the time of day. That's too bad. 

2. It is aimed at normal people, not just the sophisticated elite. 

3. The video is 30 minutes long but seems like it's about 10 minutes long. The pace can keep the attention of the new generation that needs to hear this message. The greatest argument about anything is worthless if people won't give it their attention.  

4. I am the Director of Discipleship at my church. Part of my job is to oversee student ministries. We showed the 180 Movie at our high school youth program. The video was absolutely perfect for connecting with high school teens. They were absorbed.

5. The movie compels people to think. Although the movie engages the affections, at the core it is an issue of logic: It is wrong to kill innocent human beings. Unborn babies are human beings. Therefore it is wrong to kill unborn babies. 

6. Ray Comfort kept asking people--who claimed they valued human life and that it is a baby in the womb--to complete the sentence, "'Killing a baby in the womb is okay when _____________.'"  That's gold. 

7. If people did have an answer to that question, Comfort helped them think through the consistency and implications of their answer.

8. I have a daughter who many people would have aborted with the excuse that she wouldn't have a good quality of life. That excuse is wrong on so many levels.

9. Bringing up the Nazi Holocaust was not unfair. The main point was not to invoke an emotional response. The purpose was to get people to think consistently about these issues. 

10. In America alone, there have been approximately 10 babies aborted to every 1 Jewish person killed in the Holocaust. Comparing abortion with the Holocaust is not illegitimate. Both were legal.  Both carried on because people didn't care to stop it. We have to care about protecting unborn humans beings.

11. You can post the whole movie on your facebook page, and you should.

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