May 23, 2012

Podcasts for Understanding the Times

This is not a time for Christians to stick their heads in the sand. We need to be people who understand our times. I would like to recommend two podcasts to you that I think are extremely valuable for helping us understand and think about our times from a Christian worldview.

The Briefing with Albert Mohler
I listen to The Briefing every day, Monday through Friday. I am amazed how much news and analysis Albert Mohler packs into each of these 15-minute programs. Some Christians respond to cultural controversies with knee-jerk reactions while others sacrifice Biblical truth on the altar of social correctness. We should do neither. Mohler does an outstanding job of helping Christians think about current headlines and cultural controversies in a way that is careful, informed, and deeply perceptive. I highly recommend this program and I wish I could make it mandatory listening for all Christians!

The Dividing Line with James White
The other podcast I currently listen to on a regular basis is The Dividing Line with James White. This is an apologetics (defending the faith) program dealing with a wide range of topics. I want to especially recommend downloading the broadcasts, starting on May 1, 2012, in which White responds to pro-homosexual arguments by activists Dan Savage (anti-Christian), Matthew Vines (professes to be a Christian), and President Obama. White's two-hour presentation on the May 8 broadcast is especially valuable, as more and more people attempt to argue that the Bible permits homosexual sex within a committed relationship. This issue is being pushed on society so strongly and manipulatively that Christians must not let themselves be unequipped.  (Download past Dividing Line programs via iTunes. The complete reply to Matthew Vines can be downloaded here.)


  1. Nate,

    I'm a huge fan of both of these podcasts as well. I haven't been up to speed on White's so thanks for the encouragement to go out and grab his latest stuff. I listen to Mohler about three times a week. If you've never listened to his lengthier program "Thinking in Public," I would recommend it. This conversation with Alan Dershowitz is especially good.

  2. Jason, I agree. The "Thinking in Public" interviews are usually very good as well, although I'm a bit behind listening to them.

  3. The Dividing Line has compiled the complete response by James White to the Matthew Vines presentation on gay Christianity. Here is the link:


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