June 20, 2013

Powerman and Mosquitoboy: Deceptor's Revenge

This is the complete series of videos for Powerman and Mosquitoboy: Deceptor's Revenge. I wrote, directed, and edited these videos for a custom VBS program that we created for our church. This is the third  "season" of Powerman videos that we made, but if you are new to the series this is a good place to start. Enjoy!

This series was originally done as five episodes but I had to split them online because of YouTube's former time limits.  Each episode was used to illustrate a different teaching theme during the VBS week.
  • Episode 1 (1 & 2 here): God is Eternal; God has No Origin - Isaiah 40:28
  • Episode 2 (3 & 4 here): God is Unchanging - Hebrews 13:8
  • Episode 3 (5 & 6 here): God is Holy - Isaiah 6:3
  • Episode 4 (7 & 8 here): God is Love - Romans 5:8
  • Episodes 5 (9 &10 here): God is Not Silent; God Has Spoken Through His Word - Hebrews 4:12
To see the previous series, Powerman and Mosquitoboy: in Space! click here. I hope to have the next series, Powerman and Mosquitoboy: Robot Invasion online in the near future. You can also visit the PMMB youtube and facebook pages.

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