August 8, 2013

Fifteen Things I Love About My Wife

Fifteen years ago today I somehow got a wonderful girl named Hope Bradbury to marry me. In tribute to her, here are fifteen of the many things I love about my wife…
  • She loves me but she loves Jesus even more.
  • She is a woman of incredible strength and character. Her priorities are straight. She is patient and forgiving, but with high expectations. She works hard at the things she does.
  • She makes cute kids.
  • She teaches my kids to love Jesus Christ—by word and example.
  • She is an excellent photographer with an eye for capturing beauty. She has an eye for design. She makes our home beautiful—but I know she could do more if I had money to let her spend on a new couch.
  • She actually let us use Throne Room from Star Wars as her processional in our wedding. How cool is that!
  • Her life is about ministry. I love that she does ministry alongside me. She helps me see things I wouldn’t see. She is my best critic and coach. She is biblically sound and wise.
  • She is excellent at mentoring younger women. She is an instrument of God's grace. 
  • She isn't afraid to tell me what she is thinking. I never have to guess what I did wrong.
  • I like talking with her. She gives me wisdom and makes me laugh.
  • If she touches the back of my neck all the problems in the world instantly evaporate.
  • She is as beautiful as the day we were married. She is beautiful without even trying.
  • She uses the power of cuteness to get her way.
  • She trusts God to plan our future.
  • There was no one else I could have possibly married. She is everything I need and everything I could want. We fit.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on 15 years! Very sweet, though I think you cheated and ended up with much more than 15 here. ; )


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