September 19, 2011

Barth Haiku

God the hidden one
Encountering man by grace
Not by human strength

Apprehension vain
Shipwrecked by efforts to know
God must possess us

Our capacity
By revelation taken
And again bestowed

And immanent qualities
Flip sides of one coin

Like the Trinity
Revealed, Written, and Proclaimed
Threefold Word of God

Russian communism
A flute concerto or shrub
Even a dead dog

On sentry duty
Barth shoots all with wrong password
Annihilates friend

No point of contact
Natural theology
Will turn you Nazi

Mysterious truth
The Word of God comes and goes
I have a mistress

-by Nate Archer


  1. These are really good! The last one made me laugh--the perils of situation ethics, huh?

  2. Thanks Mike!

    There are two types of people in the world: those who can appreciate Barth haiku, and those who can't. One group is larger than the other.


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