April 26, 2010

Adam and Eve and Incest

In a question and answer forum I was asked by a student how Adam and Eve's children could have had children without incest. I gave a two-part reply. They appreciated the last part the best.

I replied that they didn't. Since there were no other humans, Adam and Eve's children would have had no one else to marry but each other. But, this was before incest was specifically forbidden and it wouldn't have been sin. And as far as deformities caused by incest, I think it is safe to presume that there must have been something genetically pure or different about the early humans. In Genesis we read about early humans living extremely long lives.  Also, Adam and Eve's DNA would have contained the diversity of all the races.  So there was probably something special about their genetics that kept everyone from being born with arms growing out of their heads.

But if someone thinks to themselves that this is a far-fetched and stupid and that evolution makes more sense, then think about this: If Adam and Eve's kids had a problem, what kind of problem would there be for evolution? When the first monkey evolves into a human, there is just one human being. Who does that guy have to marry? A monkey. At least with Adam and Eve there were two human beings to get things started. With evolution, the first human being has to hook up with an animal. So you tell me which is more messed up?


Yes, I know that no one thinks that monkeys evolved directly into human beings. I was obviously being rhetorical. Still, the inescapable fact is that if evolution is true, then the first human had no one to mate with except for a non-human.


  1. Um, maybe about the genetic stuff, but that is all conjecture. But, the thing w/evolution is that species evolves over such a long period of time that they don't have to breed w/ another species. Rather, they continue to breed w/ the same species that is ever changing. Meaning that a monkey( ;) ) just does give birth to a new species one day, but slowly changes into a new species. Your argument is just nonsensical. -Ryan

  2. I know that I was exaggerating to make a point. Yet, if evolution were true, then species evolve because individual members of the species are born with slight mutations that prove beneficial. The whole species does not evolve all at once. Therefore, there would be one member of the species that would first cross the "line" to become a genuine human being. And that human being wouldn't have another human being to mate with.

    My main point was that evolution doesn't escape the problem of having a small number of original human beings. Anyway, thanks for the reply.


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