June 5, 2010

Death as an Argument for God

Death is usually viewed as an argument against the existence of God. A good God wouldn't allow suffering and evil and death, or at least so the argument goes. However it struck me that there is something about death that actually makes it a good argument for God.

If evolution caused the seemingly infinite variety of life forms and intricate biological functions that we observe, why is it that in the billions upon billions of adaptations found in nature, evolution has not found the one adaptation that--by far--would be the most beneficial to a species, namely, a lack of mortality?

I do not mean immortality in the sense that an animal could fall into a volcano and live. What I mean to ask is why there is not one single organism, from cockroach to man to bacteria, that does not possess natural mortality? Certainly pre-programmed death cannot be more beneficial to a species than an unlimited lifespan? Nor is there any inherent reason why, with as much complexity as life has, could it not find a way for at least one single organism to sustain itself indefinitely?

If blind nature can supposedly find a way to create eyesight and consciousness, then why couldn't it find a way for one simply organism to just keep on living unless meets a violent death? All that would be necessary for this would be the adequate repair or replacement or parts. Certainly that would have been easier for blind nature to achieve rather than biological reproduction--especially when it involves two different gendered parents. If blind nature can find a way for life to build itself automatically from a single cell after conception, then why can it not find a way for one organism to sustain itself indefinitely?

But death is a fact. And it is a fact that is explained by a Biblical worldview. Human death, at least, came into the world when Adam rebelled against God and cut himself off from the source of life (Genesis 3; Romans 5). Death is part of the curse that is now over this world, and which one day will be lifted because of Jesus' death on the cross. The existence of death is better explained by a Biblical worldview than by blind naturalism, and thus strangely enough death is actually an argument for the existence of God


  1. You are a good writer. You should blog more. Thanks!

  2. I like your post Nate. Of course, predicting the reply of an evolutionist, they'd say something along the lines of "Evolution has yet to produce this kind of advancement. Perhaps medical advancements will one day bring humanity to the point of immortality." or "One day our bodies [or some other creature] with produce this."
    Scripture teaches us that humanity lived much longer before the days of Noah, and decreased to approximately where it is now (though health standards were lower and death came sooner in recent history and in other parts of the world presently.) This teaches us of the decrease instead of increase in the human lifespan [by God's grace so as not to increase judgment on our heads!]. Realistically, all evolutionist arguments are shallow and without any concrete, non-twisted arguements and have arguers who deny concrete evidence. Yet, perhaps this might speak to a few.Or springboard a revolution with worldwide takeover. One or the other. =)


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